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    Macify Requirements

    Well, first, of course, you'll need Macify in order to perform an HTML5 → OS X conversion.

    Next, you'll need your Fusion project, compiled as an HTML5 Final Project.

    Any and all extensions used in your project will work with Macify, as long as they work in HTML5. They will be bundled alongside your project.  

    You'll also need an icon for your project in Mac icns (Apple Icon Image) format. If you are used to Windows, you're probably accustomed to .ico files as your icons. Mac OS X uses a different file format called icns. If you have an .ico or .png that you'd like to use as your project's icon, you'll need to convert it to icns format. There are many free tools to do this online, such as If you convert a lot of icons, check out their standalone app.

    That's all you'll need to perform the conversion! If you want to test your app, obviously you'll need a Mac computer.