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    Files Created by Macify

    Macify creates a single file for you to distribute. That file will be the title of your project with the extension ".tgz". (In the example project, the resulting file is King.tgz). TGZ is a compressed TAR archive. Mac OS X can natively decompress this file and extract your app from it when the user double-clicks the tgz file. If your Mac users are on Safari using the default settings, Safari will automatically extract a TGZ file upon download.

    It is necessary for Macify to create an archive file containing your app because of execute permissions, which do not exist on Windows filesystems. 

    Do not extract and re-compress the tgz from a Windows system! If you do, the app from your new archive will not run on OS X.

    If you would prefer to distribute your app inside a different container, like .zip, .rar, .dmg or .iso, you may do so, but you must extract the .tgz from a Mac or Linux system and create your new archive there. This will preserve the permissions that you would lose if extracting on a NTFS/FAT32 fileysystem.