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    • My Mac app freezes while loading!
      In 99% of cases, this is due to a bug in the Clickteam Fusion HTML5 exporter that manifests itself in Safari. The bug specifically has to do with the encoding of audio files. As your app tries to load an "invalid" audio file, it freezes the app.

      Some users have had positive results by going into their Clickteam Fusion folder, and removing the wmf_enc.dll file in Data\Runtime before re-exporting their project as HTML5.

      For others, the issues persist, but they seem to be related to one or more of the .mp3 files in the HTML5 export. Try to avoid using .mp3 files in your project and instead stick to .wav or .ogg.

      As a test, you can delete all the .mp3 files from the Resources folder in your HTML5 export, then rebuild your app in Macify and see if it loads.
    • My Mac refuses to run any exported apps!
      Please see the instructions on the OS X GateKeeper page.